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Continuity Eye Care Scheme

We are committed to provide top quality eye care and to make it affordable to you and your family members of all age.


Your babies' eyes should be checked by a health professional before they are 18 months old.

Age of

Your Eyes

Continuity of

Your Eye Care


You can arrange your children's first proper eye test with us when they are three years old.


   Your children are entitled to NHS funded eye test every 6 or 12 months.  The test is aimed to detect any abnormality before they reach seven - a critical year in eye development.  


If your children need to wear glasses, we provide

 - Free NHS single vision lenses, complete in selected frame.


We also provide

 - Free consultation on vision related learning problems

 - Free sunglasses when chose our UV protection lenses

 - Up to 50% off on teenager optical brands, and

 - Free frame repair and lens replacement


   More than 70% of UV exposure are done to your eyes before you are 18 years old and 1 out of 5 catatracts is caused by accumulated UV exposures.  UV rays are everywhere: 58% from direct sunlight, 35% in cloudy weather and 7% indoor from light bulbs & electric devices.


   Vision and learning are intimately related.  In fact, roughly 80% of what your children learn in school is information that is presented visually.  So good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full academic potential.

You need a routine eye test once a year when you are 16 in full time education, otherwise every two years.


   The NHS funded free eye test stops when you are 19, unless you are diabetic, have glaucoma or on social benefits.


   If you are in university under 21s, we will offer you an up to 25% discount on your new glasses.


   If you are interested in contact lenses, you can have free contact lens consultation and aftercare if we supply lenses for you.


   Flexible payment for designer spectacle or contact lenses can be arranged to best suit your needs, either via standing order or installment.


You need to attend regular eye test at least once every two years when you turn to 40.  It is particular important if your close relatives have glaucoma or macula degeneration.


   Our eyes start to show signs of decline from this time on. Most of us can not notice such changes until later years.  


   Attending your routine comprehensive eyesight test is the only effective way to detect sight-threaning conditions at their early stage.


   By the age of 50, all of us need to wear glasses one way or the other.  You may need a changed new prescription every two years.   The continuing decline of your eyesight can result extra costs on eye care.  In order to ease the burden, we provide

   - Free extra pair on premium lens, including varifocals

   - Free prescription sunglasses on designer brands

   - Up to 33% off one pair on premium lens

   - Up to 50% off on idividualised lens

   - Up to 50% off on spectacle repair and replacement

   - 30 days accidental damage cover on premium lens

Ageing eyes are vulnerable to sight threaning diseases, such as catract, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.  Early detection means early treatment.


In your 70s, you need regular eye test at least once a year, or more often simply because your eyes are ageing faster than you would realise.  The acclerated ageing process makes you at highest risks of developing sight threatening diseases.


  As a Welsh Eye Care Scheme accredit optometrist, we provide professional services funded by the NHS Wales      

   - Free examination for acute eye problems

   - Free comprehensive eye test for over 60s

   - Free consultation on dry eye management

   - Free consultation on ocular hygiene & nutrition