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Laboratoires Théa is the leading independent ophthalmologic group in France and Europe.  Thea now occupies the 8th position worldwide among opthalmologic labs of its kind.


The ABAK techology puts Théa lab to its leading position in preservative-free eye drops, provide effective treatment for dry eye, eyelid hygiene and eye nutritions.

Thealoz Duo 


A new concept in dry eye management.  It contains trehalose, an organic ingredient works by protecting the cells of the cornea an dconjunctiva to give resistance to dryness.  It is ideal for patients with chronic dry eye symptoms.

Blephasol Duo


A cleansing solution for the use of daily eyelid hygiene.  It is free from preservatives and moisturising the outer layers of the skin.  


It has an oil mix to gently remove dirt, tears, dried mucous and make-up from eyelids and the base of eyelashes, without irritating the eyes or damaging the skin.

Nutrof Total


A food supplement contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Omega 3 fish oils.  It is ideal for people over 65s to provide strong support and protection with the levels fo vitamin and antioxidants your eyes need.

Ocular Health Hygiene and Nutrition