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A Schwarz & Sons

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2015 Offers

2 for 1 Offers on Standard Lenses


Free Single Vision

When you chose a frame from our £129 ranges,

You get an extra pair from our £99 range or below free.


Extra pair has to be in same prescription.



Free Standard Lenses

When you chose our premium lense with a frame,

You get an extra pair in standard lenses free.


Extra pair can be the same range or up to our £149 optical range, in standard

Single Vision | Unor

Standard Bifocal | Flat 28

Standard Varifocal | Aptive



Free Designer Sunglasses

When you chose any of our designer frames,

You get the sunglasses from the same brand free.


Extra pair has to be in same prescription.


Special 2 for 1 Offers


Individualised Lens Offer

Chose individualised lens,

Get digitised lenses free.


Offer ends on 31 March, 2015


Polarising Lens Offer

Chose polarised varifocals & single vision,

Get the same clear lens free.


Offer ends on 30 June, 2015

1 Pair Offer


£40 Off on Premium Lenses

All Types of Varifocals

All Types of Bifocals

Premium Single Visions



50% Off on Individualised Lenses

with luxury frame brands

Intuitiv Mio


Aspheo Pdm


Free NHS Lense

Up to 50% discount applies to NEW frame only*

if you are children,

in full time education under 19s,

over 60s, or

entitled to social benefits.


*Lenses are funded by the NHS (GOS3 Voucher)

complete in selected frames.


Up to 25% Discount

Discount applies to our £99 optical range and over

if you are in full time education under 21s.